Joshua Bell

Apart from his flattering looks, Joshua Bell is recognized among the most renowned violinists across the world. He is believed to have magic in his hands. Among a vast estimated career of 30 years of his life, he has played some very significant roles which include a chamber musician, a soloist and a recording artist as well as conductor. Handling all these amazing posts with an equally impressive personality is not an easy task to do. But Bell has done it so very well all these years.

Up till now, Bell has recorded a total of 40 CDs or may be even more than this. Also, he has won Avery Fisher Prize, for which he was quite worthy of. He plays with such enthusiasm and dedication that the music of the violin travels straight towards the hearts of the audience. He has played many times on stage and even on live television shows. Other than this, he tends to collaborate with many other artists and shares his passion with them in order to bring out the perfect thing.

When Bell was of four years old, he received his first violin, followed by that day; he grew a passion for it since the childhood. And by the age of 14 he performed along with Riccardo Muti and Philadelphia Orchestra. In just a matter of days after this, he became a well-known name amid this crowded world.

In a matter of no time, he was placed on a high pedestal, a position for which people crave for their whole lives. Bell is also a successful member of the Committee formed by former President Obama of Arts and Humanities. He also participated in a foundational cultural charge to Cuba by US Government.

He is such a multi-talented guy with all the perks included.

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