Patrick Contreras

So Patrick Contreras is not someone who I had heard of before but I found him after searching for modern violinists on google. When you search for him a lot of awesome looking electric violins come up, this guy is really fun performance to watch. Patrick is from Fresno, California and says he had a very wide variety of inspiration/influence to that lead to his specific musical style. I have read he has recently started to include EDM and hip hop into his list of can dos which has definitely expanded his fan base. Patrick continues to perform and sell out theaters and clubs.

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Vanessa-Mae is another Violinist that I have spent several hours listening to and watching videos of her performances on youtube. Her style reminds me quite a bit of Lindsey Sterlings, They both have a techno vibe to a lot of their music. Vanessa-Mae also has done several classical performances as well.

Vanessa is a British Violinist who was born in Singapore in the year 1987. She has been involved with music practically all of her life as she began playing the piano at the age of three. When she was five she made the switch to violin and has been amazing fans since. She played with the Philharmonia Orchestra at get this..The age of nine! Wow! Fast forward to 2006 when she sold millions of albums and actually became the wealthiest entertainer under 30 years of age.

Vanessa being so talented also got into acting and in the year of 1998 was cast into Arabian Nights, A Hallmark movie. There isn’t a lot of current information on the internet about her whereabouts but thankfully we have the internet so new fans young and old can discover Vanessas’ beautiful music.

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Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling is definitely one of my favorite violinists. Others may not know that she is also a dancer and composer. She has a youtube channel created in 2007 where she has live performances as well as choreographed music videos.

Lindsey performs a few different styles of music, such as classical, pop, rock, and electronic dance. She performs original songs as well as covers of other musicians.

I first learned about Lindsey Stirling after seeing her youtube video Crystallize. I loved the video and immediately wanted to see what other music she had. The music video crystallize was uploaded to Youtube on February 23, 2012. It was a huge success, being the eighth-most watched video of 2012. Finally about two years after the first release of the video, Crystallize earned Lindsey Stirling an RIAA Certified Gold Record after 500,000 copies sold in the United States.

I continue to follow Lindsey through her social media accounts watching out for her new music and collaborations with other artists. She continues to grow in popularity as she attracts fans interested in a variety of music styles.